Vlado Soto, historian with a degree in sustainable Tourism, was the first trekking guide to descend with tourists to the bottom of the unknown and mysterious Colca Canyon, this fact coincided with the first kayak navigation carried out by a group of Poles called Canoandes who made know the COLCA to the world (1981), legendary group of explorers with whom Vlado maintains a close working and friendship relationship.

Vlado Soto is passionate about adventure travels, occupancy explorer, navigator, ecologist, collector, professional tour guide. He was the first trekking guide in the history of the Canyon, with 45 years of experience guiding.

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Arequipa, president of the association APTARE (Adventure and ecotourism operators of the Arequipa region), Vlado is a true connoisseur of the Colca canyon, tireless campailgner protecting the ecology and cultural heritage of the Canyon, he also an adventurer who has sailed around the Amazon river to its mouth at Belem Dupara in the Atlantic (the Amazon, comes very close to the Colca Canylon). Several books like Lonely planet, Rough guide, Foot prints, Lets go to peru, DK Politiken, and more, recommend Vlado s service.

Colca Trek 2 days


Colca Trek is the peruvian leader in adventure trips for small groups with more than 42 years of experience offering adventures throughout southern Peru, especially in the Colca Canyon. We are the pioneers of activities in the region and we have the only mountain lodge with amazing views of the canyon, it is located 20 minutes from the condor  viewpoint. Colca Trek is a member of A.P.T.A. Group of ecofriendly companies.

We are the pioneers in designing groundbreaking itineraries and many say our trips start where others end. As the leaders in thoughtful travel, our UNIQUE adventures, In the same way, our tours do not visit places crowded with tourists buying souvenirs and we avoid turistic hotel areas/restaurants.

Colca Trek is an Authorized Peruvian Travel Agency Registration # 10292286843-001 of the Ministry of Tourism. Registration as a travel seller and we pay our taxes with RUC 20498640860. Colca Trek E.I.R.L. recognized by the NATIONAL SCIENTIFIC NETWORK: with access only to formal companies in Peru.

Since 1981, we have operated authentic and unique adventure travel holidays with a genuine focus on taking our travelers along the paths LESS TRAVELLED.




“Our vision is to leave the world a better place by following our sustainable active outdoor travel charter.”
All our adventures are 100% carbon offset supporting projects for planting trees in all our region.


We hire the most trained, knowledgeable, cheerful, enthusiastic, and professional persons who are talented in the tourism business, with years of working experience.

Since our inception, we have practiced a simple philosophy, to provide high quality adventure holidays for small groups of like-minded travelers with a strong alignment to responsible tourism practice and a commitment to supporting local communities at every level of the operation.

We are proud of our standing in the local community and the knowledge of the area we have gained over the years. Our local staff of professional guides for mountain, rafting, trekking and biking give the best of their service in every tour.

While COLCA TREK has grown larger over the last years, our service still remains the same:

  1. Every guest is unique and we treat them and their desires individually.
  2. We love Arequipa Region and are proud to show visitors all places of this unique country.
  3. We offer excellent value for money.
  4. We are available right when we are needed.
  5. We listen and are ready to adjust according to the client’s wish.