• Experience – 42 years of specialist adventure travel know-how.
  • We are peruvian people working with local guides .
  • Value – Quality trips at affordable prices whit out intermediaries.
  • Highly Recommended –Lonely Planet, Foot prints, Rouge guide, Dutch book, Raise know how, Moon book, Lets Go to Peru.  In all these travel handbooks we are number one. COLCA TREK and our Manager VLADO SOTO is well known travel consultant.
  • Many Choices – Multiple travel styles from grassroots to connoisseur.
  • Companionship – Travel with a small group of like-minded travelers from different countries.
  • Responsible Tourism – Trips designed to comply with sustainable tourism best practices.
  • Respect – For their customers, the environment, and local communities.


  • With COLCA TREK you will enjoy a richer, deeper, and more meaningful experiences.
  • We are not offering only a trip to visit the main tourist sites, we are offering a glimpse into a different world, filled with many wonderful people and many fascinating cultures.
  • We believe strongly in sustainability connecting with people and the environment in a truly enriching way.

Just write to colcatrek@gmail.com for a quick  answer of our guide Vlado Soto, or contact him directly to his personal  WhatsApp.